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CallCashBack is a service which allows you to get cashback for making phone calls. You'll need to have inclusive minutes to call 08 numbers to make use of this service, but these are available from many networks - check for yours below. These notes are for guidance only; please check with your carrier for the latest information.

Cashback's paid when we get paid for the calls you make, which is normally at the end of the month after the month in which you made them, so (as an example) you can expect to get paid for calls made in May at the start of July. Cashback's paid either in Amazon vouchers or by PayPal to your registered e-mail address.


An increasing number of carriers offer inclusive minutes to 08 numbers, but then, in the small print, restrict their use in various ways. Please ensure that you read your carrier's terms and conditions to ensure that you are not breaching them.

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